• English SAT Wed in B137 from 3:15-3:45

  • US History EOC Tutorials Mon & Wed 3:15-4:30 in B101

  • High Hat tryouts, meeting in the Dance Room 11/29 @ 7

  • Seniors will be taking pictures November 1st and 2nd. Make sure you have a $10 sitting fee

No Bell Schedule from Monday Dec.3rd- Friday Dec. 7th

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Students due to EOC testing the bell schedule will be changed!

No Bells

Active through Monday, December 3rd – Friday, December 7th

1st Block: 7:30AM – 8::45AM

2nd/5th Block: 8:52AM – 10:30AM (No announcements)

3rd/6th Block:

  • A Lunch 10:30AM-10:55AM
  • B Lunch 11:00AM-11:25AM
  • C Lunch 11:30AM-11:55AM
  • D Lunch 12:00PM-12:25PM

4th/7th Block: 12:32PM-2:02PM

8th Block: 2:10PM-3:00PM

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