Panther Prints

  • Senior Panoramic picture will be taken on Feb. 28 in the East faculty parking lot. Picture packages range from $25.00 - $45.00

  • Junior Class shirt pre-sell will be during all lunches Thursday. Shirts are $12.00 short sleeve & $16.00 for long sleeve or both shirts for $25.00.

  • There will be a FREE SAT Math Prep Session DHS or W.T. White HS @ 9 am Sat. Feb. 24

  • CTE will hold a Career Expo & Steam Introduction on Main Street @ 5 p.m. Feb. 22

  • Spanish Club will hold their weekly meting in Room K101 at 3:05 Feb. 22

  • Cheer Tryouts Mandatory Parent Meeting will be held East Seminar Room Wednesday Feb. 21 @ 6:30 pm

  • SAT Math Prep for FREE every Saturday in February see Math Teacher for details

  • EOC Saturday Bootcamp is offered every Saturday Feb 3 -May 5

  • Life Insurance Certification Training will take place Wednesday Feb. 21 at 3:05 in Room I109

  • Today is National Do a Grouch a Favor Day!

  • Yearbooks are on sale until February 23 in Room J105 or at

  • Free SAT Math Prep sessions every Saturday in February. See a Math teacher for details.

  • Math Magician Club meets every Monday in Room M107

  • ACT tutoring in B135 from 3:15-3:45 each Wednesday beginning January 31 and running through May 1. It is free.

An album that doesn’t bite back, Ke$ha releases Cannibal

December 15, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Tik-Tok was a national hit, selling 5 million downloads alone as of July 2010. Ke$ha, overnight, became a superstar and guest starred on a few late night shows. Before getting started with her album “Animal” Ke$ha cowrot...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One opens with record crowds

December 2, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The magic, the wands, and the adventures against evil. It’s all coming to an end. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One was released to the welcoming masses Nov. 19. With over $4 billion that the Harry Potter franch...

Product Review: Dr. Dre Studio PROS

November 11, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Now on display at Best Buy are a string of headphones. Red and white Dr. Dre Beats Solo (HD), Beats Studios, and the newest to it all (for over-the-ear headphones), the Beats Studio PROS. The Pros are something amazing, definitely outranking the beats of the past,...

Allstar weekend “Sudenly Yours” rising to the top of charts

November 9, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

"Suddenly Yours" is the debut album of the freshly famous boy-band Allstar Weekend. These guys are pretty young and are sometimes compared to the Jonas Brothers, but baby they've got talent! Lead singer Zachary Porter has an...

Like a big flop

October 15, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

"Like a G6" by Far East Movement ft. The Cataracts, and DEV has been popping up on radio stations even though the song has been out for a year now. Recently there's been a music video for it, and by how catchy the song is, I expected...

‘Hurley’ lives up to the hype

September 22, 2010

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Well they did it again. Weezer came up with another great album. This will be their eighth full length studio produced album. Weezer's last album "Radditude" was released November third of last year. And it ROCKED. Their newest album "Hurley" was re...

Kanye v. Taylor the ultimate VMA failure

September 18, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The 2010 VMA’s were the biggest disappointment of the year. But the world wanted to know, was Kanye going to let someone finish and say that Beyonce had the best video of all time? Would it be Kesha? Would it be Lady GaGa? Or would it be a stupid repeat of last year? When it was announced that Taylor Swift was t...

Florence and the Machine take the charts

September 18, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Florence and the Machine is an indie band that’s finally getting a chance in the spotlight. First heard on the movie trailer for “Eat. Pray. Love.” the doors for Florence and her band have been opening as if the hinges of...

The last movie you’ll want to see

September 16, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The tagline for the newest PG-13 horror,” The Last Exorcism” is “If you believe in God, you believe in the Devil.” But, if you believe in a good scary movie, then you don’t believe in seeing this one. “The Last Exorcism” was like watching a bad M. Nigh...

Easy A is easy to get in to

September 16, 2010

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Filled with classic clichés and cheesy movie allusions, “Easy A” is easy to watch and out in theaters everywhere Sep. 17. Featuring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes, the movie is a high-class production, one that is unforgettably...