Panther Prints

Panther Prints

Varsity volleyball vs. Richland photos

November 2, 2010

[slideshow id=66] Panther Prints photographers Jasmyn Dixson and Ana Monzon were on hand to cover the varsity volleyball playoff game against Richland Nov. 2.

Homecoming 2010 Silly Olympics “Amazing Race” event

October 14, 2010

As part of homecoming week students from all grade levels competed against each other in the traditional Silly Olympics "Amazing Race" Oct. 6. Photographers: Javante Shanks, Heather Butler, Ana Monzon, Erika Torres, Tijhan Anderson,...

Homecoming Tie Dye event

October 14, 2010

After School on October 7 students gathered outside of the school to tie dye shirts. photos by Javante Shanks and Allie Peregory [slideshow id=52]

Varsity football vs. Mansfield Homecoming

October 14, 2010

The Panthers pulled off a buzzer winning game against Mansfield Friday Night. The Panthers' Jeffery Thomas pulled down a pass from quarterback Divan Ealy to finish the game off with a score of 41-35.  photos by Victoria Sanchez,...

Homecoming Court 2010

October 14, 2010

DJ Edwards was named Homecoming King and Emily Villarreal was named Homecoming Queen at the Oct. 8 homecoming game. photos by Victoria Sanchez, Keria Jinks, Lebria Roy, Maddison Matthews [slideshow id=54]

Varsity football vs. Midlothian

October 1, 2010

The Panthers defeated Midlothian 51-13.  photos by Aubrey Blake, Keria Jinks, Heather Butler, Victoria Sanchez. [slideshow id=46]...

Cross Country @ Midlothian Meet

September 27, 2010

These  photos were from the Cross Country meet in Midlothian.  Photos are by Esther Padgett, Ana Monzon, Esther Padgett, Heather Butler and Jasmyn Dixson. [slideshow id=17]

Cross Country at Burleson Elk Run

September 27, 2010

These photos are from the Burleson Elk Run. This was the first cross country meet of the year. Photos are by Ana Monzon, Erika Torres, Jasmyn Dixson and Esther Padgett. [slideshow id=16]...

Science Lab

September 27, 2010

These photos are from a school science lab. Photos are by Erika Torres. [slideshow id=13]...

Band Car Wash Fundraiser

September 27, 2010

These photos are from the band car wash fundraiser. Photos are by Esther Padgett and Cassidy Doyle. [slideshow id=14]...

Chess Club first meeting

September 27, 2010

These photos are from the first chess club meeting of the year. Photos are by Keria Jinks. [slideshow id=15]...

See You at the Pole Rally

September 22, 2010

Students gathered at the flag pole to pray Sept. 22.  There were over 200 students present at the event.  Photos by Heather Butler and Jacob Deerborn. [slideshow id=23]