Quiroz takes center stage during local modeling session

Senior Suzy Quiroz takes the stroll in front of her friends and family at a recent fashion show. She had no idea she wanted to model prior to the show. (Erika Torres photo)
As she stepped up to the stage she was dazed by the bright lights of the runway. While stunned, Senior Suzy Quiroz confidently strutted down the catwalk, encouraged by the loud cheering from her family and friends. Walking half way through her routine, she stops to face either side of the runway, giving the audience time to admire her beautiful prom gown. Finally, reaching the end of the catwalk, Quiroz stops to pose for the cameras before slowly turning back to return behind stage.

“It feels like you were a movie star in a way because all those people were taking pictures of you and all those people were cheering for you,” Quiroz said. “It felt really nice, for a day to just be dressed up in a pretty dress and wear your make up and have your hair done.”

She happened to be shopping at “Dress Up” when a sales representative asked her if she was interested in participating as model in their fashion show on Feb. 25. Quiroz never expected to be walking down the runway, until she decided to accept the request.

“As I was paying for one of the dresses the cashier asked if I was interested in modeling,” Quiroz said. “I thought she meant as a career, so I said no.”

When she returned home Quiroz told her mother about the offer the sales woman proposed to her. She told her mother she denied the request, but her mother convinced her to accept the opportunity she was given. Quiroz called the representative two days later to accept the offer.

“It’s something good for her and it’s a good experience for her,” Catalina Quiroz said “Since all the dresses looked nice on Suzy I told her she should have said yes.”

After practices began, Quiroz admits that practicing in high heels was tiring. She participated in various practices weeks before the show took place. Quiroz expected to model in a teal dress for the show, but was given a completely different dress to model.

“We practiced a lot in heels for three hours, it hurt!” Quiroz said. “I lost feeling in my toes the next day and the whole week after that!”

As Quiroz looked out into the crowed she became nervous. It wasn’t until she saw her friends and family there to support her that she felt calm about walking the runway.

“I felt like we were still practicing, until I saw my friends from where I was back stage,” Quiroz said. “I thought it would make more nervous to see my friends and family, but it actually calmed me down.”

Quiroz was absent-minded as she modeled down the runway. During her turn she was sure to focus on smiling, stopping, and slowly turning back to the beginning of the stage.

“There was absolutely nothing going through my mind at that moment,” Quiroz said. “Honestly, you don’t really think about walking down the stage, you’re just walking.”

After a day she thought she was just trying on prom dresses, Quiroz did not expected to model. She admits it was an experience that prepared her for prom.

“I would have never seen myself doing that in my life!” Quiroz said. “I would never put myself out there in front of an audience, but I thought it was a cool experience to learn from.”