Band looking to finish marching season strong in San Antonio

Band looking to finish marching season strong in San Antonio
Senior drum majors Al-Vincent Jobert and Grace Hevron salute the judges at the beginning of their performance at the UIL contest Oct. 16. (Keria Jinks photo)

With truck loads of equipment, charter buses full of students, and a heart to win, the Marching Band will be traveling to San Antonio Nov. 1 for the State Marching Band Contest. This marks the 23rd time the band has advanced to the contest, and the directors are very optimistic that the band will do well.

“This is my 3rd time doing this as the head director. And I’ve never felt so prepared for this contest,” director David Brandon said. ” I feel so relaxed because I know that every kid knows the show and I know that every kid is mentally prepared to do their best. I think it will all just show itself in San Antonio.”

Memebers of the band are all focused on their vision to win. This vision could be overwhelming to some and could result in a bad case of nerves, but the directors are confident in the students’ ability.

“Nerves are good, as long as they don’t make you scared,” Brandon said. “I’m not scared. I’m just constantly thinking about what have I done to prepare our students, and what else I can do to prepare them even more.”

The upperclassmen have been to the Sate Contest before, and are hoping to do better than in the previous trip to the State Contest where the band placed sixth overall.

“We deserve better than what we did the last year at State, and I have a strong feeling that this show everyone how great we are,” drum major Christian Canales said.

Canales says he is willing to go to the extreme if the band places in the top three at the contest this year.

“If we place in the top three I’m going to dye my hair Duncanville blue,” Canales said.

The freshmen in the band are wrapping up their first marching season. None of them have been to the Sate Contest to preform and aren’t sure what to expect.

“I’m excited for the experience of going to the contest, but I honestly have no clue what to expect,” freshman Katy Wallace said.

The directors, squad leaders and members of the band council have worked all year to get ready for this moment. They all agree they are looking forward to a positive experience at the State Contest. And of course a chance to yell the cheer “Aint No Band Like a D-Ville Band.”

“Someone has to win,” Brandon said. “And it might as well be us.”