Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend”

# 1 on iTunes

Since his Never Say Never CD the wait is over. Justin Bieber’s new song came out on monday at midnight March 26. This is the first song off his new album “Believe “. Many of of his fans waited till midnight to buy his new song, but was it worth waiting for? Well I think that his new song is worth waiting for.The song is diffrent from what he was used to sing. “Boyfriend” has been # 1 on iTunes since Monday. His voice matured since his hit single “Baby” he even raps in the “Boyfriend” song! Justin even let his fans pick out the cover picture for it. The song has a techno beat in the begining then it goes to the guitar and he starts to sing. Will Justin Bieber’s song rise up to #1 on Billboard?

I give it 5 paws!