Stinnett holds universe modeling lab

Stinnett holds universe modeling lab
Students in Mr. JIm Stinnett's class created universe planets from balloons and other objects fro thier project. (LaChristian Harbert photo)

By Lisette Lopes

Today Mr. Jim Stinnett’s principals of technology class created a science lab about the great universe. Students were instructed to recreate the solar system by making all of the planets of the universe out of Play-doh and balloons. They then were to calculate the distance of each planet, and from the sun.

“This was a cool lab and I enjoyed it.” Senior Alesha Spearman said. “I have learned a lot from this experiment.”

The students were sent outside in the hallway to place their planets on the ground and calculate the distances of the planets from the sun. With their balloons, they placed them under a cover as if they were near the sun. When the students finished they were to record all their data and conduct a lab report of the experiment

“I think the students had fun with this particular experiment.” Stinnett said. “I hope they learned a lot, and we will continue to learn more about our solar system as the year progresses.”