Reading Buddies Adopted at the Library

Reading Buddies Ready to Be Adopted by Students

Shortly after spring break, the library brought back the rock reading buddies that were introduced a few years ago.

“This year a lot of senior are coming in to show the Buddies that they received last year,” Librarian Jeni Tahaney said. “The adoptions are doing pretty well like the other four years.”

These small rocks with glued on eyes are adopted by students to encourage them to read book. Tahaney said the Reading Buddies were created by the a previous Library Aid Marsha Meggie.

“She asked Chreitzbeerg if we could give these rocks to the students,” said Tahaney. “She wanted it in conjunction to the junior research papers.”

Tahaney said the process of receiving a reading buddy is ver simple.

“Students can just come by the library and pick a reading buddy then sign an adoption slip,” Tahaney said. “But surprisingly most of the kids end up checking out a book as well.”

As the years go on Tahaney said students actually take naming their reading buddies to heart.

“There are a lot of kids that give their rock a typical name,” Tahaney said. “They give them names like Rocky and some give them unusual rock names like Rodney or Crystal.”

Tahaney said it looks like this project will be a success again this year.

“I’m not sure how many of these rocks we have already given out,” Tahaney said. “But we had to make some more copies of the adoption slips, so that seems like a lot.”