John Carter Movie

The Best Science Fiction to Start Off 2012

Aliens, Action, and Anonymous. The three names that I would call this movie. John Cater was released over Spring Break. On March 7 2012, actor Taylor Kitsch comes out of the dramas of Friday NIght Lights into the magical world of Science Fiction. The moment I heard about the movie, I really didn’t think it was about to be good. Boy was I wrong. John Carter is a movie that is never given a chance from the beginning. Many do not go see the movie until a week later. But this movie proved me wrong. I loved how adventurous it was. The script showed better dialogue than the bizarre conversations from the Twilight movies. The movie is based off the science fiction series, Barsoom by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was a slice between the movies Planet 51 and Back To The Future. It as a movie that had the action dialogue for everyone.

The movie starts off with an explanation of how Barsoom is a disutopian planet that is taken over by Zodanga. John Carter is a young Confederate Army officer, who lost his wife and daughter to a break in at his own home. John Carter runs away from doing services for his country and sets out to find gold. On one afternoon John is arrested for running away from his duties as an Officer. He claimed he was going to find his cave of gold. Once John Carter escaped from jail. He ran to a cave that was filled with gold, but also something else that was interesting. A Thern’s medallion and is transported to Mars. In his journeys in he fights for the Helium along side the Princess of Helium, Deja Thoris. Will He win?

Adventure and Romance. The two combinations that create the best epic adventure. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book couldn’t have been properly reflected off the any movie than this one. The martians were exactly how I could actually imagine. The space battleships were beautifully animated. Even the Martians looked life like. I really enjoyed the many creatures that came to life from each page of the book. I found this to be a world that I would enjoy everyday. Low gravity, martians, and a kingdom that is way more advance than our own world? How could no one like this movie? It has everthing for the family to watch and that is including the acting as well.

Taylor Kitsch is what I call John Cater. When I see him in Magazines or even a guest on a TV show- I don’t call him Taylor I call him John Carter. He may not be the real thing, but he played it perfectly. He had a character that was stern, but also a caring guy who knows what is best for others. Even the actor for Deja was did pretty well/ The only thing I hated about the character was that she cried a lot, but that was about the character, not the actor. Acting is what brings the characters to Life. The animations is what bring the world to life. It was a movie that will blow you away.

The moment John Carter jumped off the sandy grounds of Mars, I gasped in amazement. Then later on my breath still never came back to me as the rest of the movie went on. It was that amazing. The movie may seem like a joke on the trailers, but do not be fooled. This movie will take your breath away. Literally.