Once Upon A Time Is Running Out Of Time

ABC's Best Drama in 2012


After a six months of airing on ABC, Once Upon A Time is now known as the channel’s top drama. When it comes to dramas I expect something juvenile and cliche. But Once Upon A Time has brought in a bigger picture when it comes to dramas. Ever since this show started I have high expectations for this show, but last nights episode kind of really made me rage. The story line went with it’s traditional twists, but they have been kind of predictable lately. The acting was perfect as usual. The episode’s props and costumes were my kind of style. Everything was in perfect place, but I was at least hoping for some solutions. I understand that some TV shows to that to make suspense, but it makes viewers irritated when it drags on. There are two episodes are the last. And yet I feel like I feel like this show is going no where. I am stuck in a black closet and am not able to jiggle it to open.

Twenty-first’s episode, The Stranger, is the episode that reveals something about the newcomer from the episode, True North. August W. Booth is actually Pnocchio. The fact that that was true actually made me sigh a breath of relief. In the twentieth episode, The Return, we are revealed the reason why Rumplestilskin created the Curse. I wasn’t surprised that the reason was his son. It really reflected the motive that Rumplestiltskin wanted to reach. And that is what I like about this television show. It does not lose the big picture. The last few episodes may have brought a few side stories, but it stilled tied in to solving the main problem. The screenplays for this show is neatly organized in a way that anyone can understand and rage for the next episode.

As time goes by for this show the dialogue begins to get even more intense. At first the show a bit viewer friendly, but the more the Emma Swan and the Evil Queen cross paths, the more fire begins to spread. The moment I met that character I hated her. The creators of this character really knew how to bring out the poison in someone. Even little good old Snow White in the real world was beginning to show her fangs. In the end of the show you know there is going to be a major cat fight. I like the whole girl power if the show, but then that makes the guys of the show not shine. Then again the guys of the show don’t really need a lot of help with looking weak. In the show I worry about the guys. They always make the mistakes. And when it comes to facing the music they always walk away with their tail between their legs. Pathetic is what most of the guys in this show are, but not all are bad.

There is one more episode left, but the problem is will Emma believe in time. In the Pinocchio episode, The Stranger, August tried to convince Emma to believe in the fairy tale world. But sadly her denial is too strong. In this episode i really wanted to scream. I mean how hard is it to stop and believe. I understood Emma’s trust problem, but she could always tell who was lying. Maybe her super power does not work, because everyone around her has been telling her the truth. Will she ever believe. My thoughts are telling me not until next season.

Even though temporarily I am angry at the main character, I still want to watch. The fact that it is becoming difficult for the main character to believe makes me want to watch it more. Once Upon A Time is the number one drama on ABC. I really love two worlds and hopefully the end s better than what mu own my thinks it will be. The season finale episode is Sunday, May 13.

I give this Five paws.