Jameson tops Class of 2012, looking forward to attending Harvard in Fall

Jameson tops Class of 2012, looking forward to attending Harvard in Fall
Senior Will Jameson tops the 2012 class. At the Spring Concert he played his last high school solo. (Eana Longley photo)

Senior William Jameson walks into the choir room carrying the same brown paper bag lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple inside that he has carried since Kindergarten. His backpack is packed full and he munches on his apple as he laughs making his way around the room talking to his peers.

“He is definitely a creature of habit.” choir director Susan Kheshtinejad said. “His mind works at such a higher level than the rest of us.”

Jameson was active in an array of organizations. He has been a member of the Business Professionals of America for 2 years, acting as treasurer his junior year. Jameson was also active in the Student Council for three years and this year acts as the community service committee chair. He has also been inducted into the National Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society and National Latin Honors Society. Jameson was also a member of the varsity tennis team and bass section leader in the choir.

“I’ve gotten to do so many different things and sample everything,” Jameson said. “I feel like I’m not amazing at anything, I’m just average at a lot of things. I have never been an angular student, except maybe academics, but I feel like I’m more of a well rounded student.”

This year Jameson was a finalist for the Davy O’Brian High School Scholarship and was also a Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Recipient in the engineering and Math category with both scholarships amounting $1000. Jameson will also be receiving $40,000 in scholarship money from Harvard in the fall.

“Will’s work ethic is very solid, and he is motivated for success. I think in a way it is easier for him because he doesn’t want mediocrity, he wants to be at the top,” choir director Ty Shaw said. “Will doesn’t want a 99 average in a class, he has to get that 100.”

Outside of school Jameson is a student affiliate of the Texas Music Educators Association, participating in auditions and competitions every month and having weekly piano lessons. Jameson also earned his Eagle Scout freshman year. Jameson said balancing all of his activities gets difficult and he constantly has to choose between different events.

“Keeping it all together is really hard. There are always those late nights and early mornings. I’m working all the time,” Jameson said “But I have really enjoyed it. I just enjoy learning.”

Kheshtinejad said Jameson is driven and she has enjoyed working with him through the choir department and playing piano duets with him.

“With Will I think grades are absolutely and foremost important. I don’t know that I have ever known anyone to take their grades as seriously as he does,” Kheshtinejad said. “I knew he would be exactly where he is. I have enjoyed watching Will become such a social young man and growing in maturity.”

Senior Kristin Hill said Jameson is one of her best guy friends and he has pushed her to work hard, never turning her down when she asks for help.

“He’s determined. He genuinely enjoys learning, especially about physics,” Hill said. “He takes pride in doing things to the best of his ability.”

Hill said Jameson has proven himself to be beyond an excellent scholar, but also a great friend.

“He’s very loyal and always ready to listen. He doesn’t judge you if he doesn’t agree with something you believe or if you do something stupid,” Hill said. “He’s just very chill and enjoyable to be around. He was always there to help, and has shown me a lot of things about life that I never thought about.”

Jameson has never visited his new home in Cambridge or even stepped foot on Harvard University campus, but Jameson said he enjoys learning and is ready to go to new places and have new experiences.

“I’m not really too nervous. It’s just excited,” Jameson said. “I feel like it doesn’t matter where I go, I know I’ll have fun and be successful.”