The Killers Are Back With New Single Runaways

Killers Atempt A Melochy Cliche

When it comes to an old band that you danced to in your diapers, you tend to have a bond with them, that can not be broken. But as a reviewer I have to do anything but. When I heard The Killers were coming back for their fifth album of their career. Battle Born is the a track list that looks promising. Especially their hit wonder, Runaways, is a split between their new sound from their Day & Age album and FUN.

The Killers brought in a sound that was pop-ish and light. It was like an 80’s pop song. The beginning reminded me of Pressure from Queens. It started with a guitar that strummed along to set the mood. Then lead singer, Brandon Flowers, came in with his soft voice to keep the soft moment with melancholy lyrics. Then the drums make a big entrance to indicate that the chorus was about to begin. That was where the song kept it’s 80’s feel and kept repetition the sound. It was nice to have a refreshing sound, but things get boring. And that causes others to press the next button.

Ever since the song, Young Blood by The Naked and Famous came jumping out of the radio, lyrics about being young again have flooded the year of 2012. The Killers have produce a song like this, called When We Were Young in 2006. Runaways is a song that creates a bitter sweet motive. To runaway and be able to come back to how things were is something that many want. And that is what makes the song sad. I like the lyrics. because it made it up for the repetitive instrumentals.

The Killers come back with another young life anthem that makes a clear that it was not at all thought. It has cliche sound, but the lyrics looked to be good for support to stay up. If it wasn’t for Brandon Flowers and his lyrics, then the song would have probably been thought of as an unknown band’s song.

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