See You At the Pole


Students gathered to pray in front of the flagpole at 6:30. (Omar Orozco photo)

Students gathered to pray in front of the flagpole at 6:30. (Omar Orozco photo)
It’s around 6:30 am on a Wednesday morning at Duncanville High School. While most students are still at home getting ready for the upcoming school day, a group of people have shown up at the main entrance to gather in honor of a global day of prayer.

“See You at the Pole means a lot to me” Debbie Santillan said. “It helped me become a better person.”

Santillan is an alumni of Duncanville High School who returned from college to attend the event.

See You at the Pole is a global day of student prayer for all schools who care to participate. Each location is student-led and driven. As a result, the participants don’t have to worry about their coming together being cancelled. They are free to do what they want just as long as no interference occurs with others. At Duncanville, this year’s meeting was coordinated by senior Taylor Gordon.

“Although we didn’t have a big turnout as usual, I think this year was by far one of the most encouraging” Gordon said.

Junior Amy Varenkamp who also attended the event agreed with Gordon’s thoughts as she recalled what she will take away by attending.

“I was reminded that I’m not alone in my beliefs here, that there are others praying for the schools and the community” Varenkamp said.

Singing gospel songs, students were able to stand together and be unashamed of their faith together. As the sun rose up, so did spirits as everyone divided into smaller groups to pray for each other and share anything from a possible hardship or just an uplifting message.

For Greg Bowman, a youth pastor for Duncanville First Baptist Church, he wished to share a positive message through the experience.

“As Christians, we don’t have all the answers, but we do have hope to share: hope that there is a better world coming one day, and life wasn’t given to people to live in meaninglessness and despair” Bowman said.

Bowman also went on to say that the power of prayer is just as powerful; students can uplift their community and especially the school; See You at the Pole provided the opportunity.

“[See You at the Pole] actually felt like a genuine spiritual gathering instead of something you do just to look good” junior Alfred Boss said. “I stood out for various reasons, but I still felt unity.”