Allstar weekend “Sudenly Yours” rising to the top of charts

“Suddenly Yours” is the debut album of the freshly famous boy-band Allstar Weekend. These guys are pretty young and are sometimes compared to the Jonas Brothers, but baby they’ve got talent!

Lead singer Zachary Porter has an amazing melodic voice that makes all the girls swoon. Not-to-mention the band sings songs mostly about, you guessed it, LOVE! Ah, the one and only thing on the minds of teenage girls 24/7. No wonder they’re such a hit.

The biggest song on the album is “Come Down With Love” and it’s really adorable. The song has moments with a bit of a techno beat, but also has some total rock out moments that really balance it out. Over all it’s pretty good. Easy to memorize lyrics make it an instant classic to the band, it will probably be one of their most memorable songs. You can go watch the video on the band’s web site

My favorite song on the entire album is “Hey Princess.” It features mostly keyboard and drums as the backbone to this fun song, but it also has some great guitar pieces in there that really give it that final UMPH! of a great song.

Allstar weekend is making a name for themselves with their new album Suddenly Yours. (GoMoxi photo)

There’s something about Allstar Weekend’s music just makes you want to jump up and “Dance Forever”. Maybe that’s why that song is the second most popular on the album? It’s got the perfect jump around and dance beat that keeps your head bobbing the entire time it’s playing. The drums on this track could make your heart melt just listening to them they’re that intense it’s amazing.

One of the greatest things you can say about Allstar Weekend, is that they’re a band that’s directed at the high school age group, AND they’re not inappropriate, they DON’T promote drugs, nor do they talk about sex in every song like most bands. They’re a great break from all the mainstream bands which ONLY sing about sex, money, drugs, and beer. Not-to-mention, they actually sound good and are people to look up to.

Another major plus to the guys: your parent’s might actually let you go to one of their concerts because the people there aren’t going to be drug dealers, they’ll be teenagers just like you.