Young Life group gives students after school alternative


Students at Young life participate in various games. The club offers students an alternative place to have fun after school. (Kayla Finn photo)

Monday afternoons in the West Seminar room sound like a big party. The loud music rumbles through the Spanish hallway and you can hear a mist of kids chatting amongst each other. As you approach this room, Ms. Cassandra asks you to sign in for the Young Life meeting. There are around three hundred other kids in there already, some singing, some dancing, and some conversing with their friends.

Students at Young life participate in various games. The club offers students an alternative place to have fun after school. (Kayla Finn photo)

Young life is about having a good time and getting closer to God. All grade levels are encouraged to come and the volunteers are present every week. Krissy Stephens is the DJ and has been volunteering at Duncanville High School for Young Life since it first started. She said that she plans on volunteering for as long as she can.

“I really enjoy just hanging out with the kids and just being able to kind of be there for them. I’m only twenty-one so I feel like they can relate to me because I’m so close in their age. I just like to have fun and hang out with them,” Stephens said.

When asked what her favorite part of the organization is, she said that camp is the best part because she grows so much closer to the kids. She said that the relationships she makes with the students are ones that will last forever.

Cassandra Hill is the area director of Southwest Dallas County for Young Life. She said that each week she looks forward to meeting new students and watching them let their hair down and have the time of their lives. She also said that Young life is a safe place where students can come and enjoy themselves and just be kids.

“Sixteen of the twenty- six students who went changed directions at camp. Their lives are forever changed, because of the choice they made to take the high road and follow a different path.” Shed said.

When asked what she tells her leaders before they start club each week, Ms. Cassandra said she tells them to spend some time in deep though about why they are there.

“Students come from different backgrounds [and] families and they all wear a sign: make me feel special.” Shed said.

Ms. Cassandra’s brother Gayland Hill also volunteers for the club. He and Ms. Cassandra were in Young Life when they were teenagers in high school and he believes that it brings young people to Christ. He went to Young Life camp for the first time when he was sixteen years old and has been in love with it ever since.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to meet my peers and watch us grow up together,” Hill said.

Junior Darius Paris said that he joined Young Life because he had agreed to come with his friend. “Their approach of inviting us to Young Life was really good so it got my interest,” Paris said.

Anthony Armstrong, another volunteer, likes to MC for the kids at the meetings. When asked what he looks most forward to, he said he likes it when young people have fun, exercise, play, and get involved and connected.”

Young Life is a great organization at our school and students should go check it out! You never know if you’ll fall in love with it just as so many others have.