The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Proves That We Are All Infinite

A movie we can all relate to


Created by the people who brought Juno, The Perks of Being A Wallflower is put on the big screen with raving comments. “I cried for this more than the Titanic,” A teen said to me as I ask how the movie was before I went to go watch it. Like most movies for me, I look to see if the feature was a book before a film, and to my surprise, The Perks of Being A Wall Flower was a small novel that was tucked between two big books in my school library . So, I read the book and I was content with how accurate the movie was to the book. With a beautifully written script and awesome cast list, The Perks of Being A Wallflower is a young adult film that reminded me too much of Juno and Whip It. A movie that brings a message that I can use right now and not later.

Suicide, abuse, complicated relationships, and friendship, are some of the main agendas for teens these days. Conversations that most people are not okay with talking about. But these talks and whispers did more than keep me in. They gave me lesson about more than just what the character is, myself. There were so many quotes I wrote down that came out of my mouth the night I watched the movie. Scriptwriter and novelist Stephen Chbosky did more than just make me understand his movie. It was like he was communicating with me face to face. Like going back in time, I was back to freshman year, where the main character, Charlie was doing more than just fitting in. Charlie was trying to survive a life that was more real than what most teens assumed their life to be. One of the quotes that made me understand myself was when Charlie’s English teacher said, “We accept the love what we think we deserve.” These words made me cry, which proves how words are powerful than anything, especially how a person presents them.

Actors took their places and they acted like someone else. The cast may have been familiar to me, but I didn’t bother sugar coating my heart as I analyzed their “to be or not to be” skills. As I watch Logan Lerman’s tears fall like a hundred times, I honestly thought he pulled off a crybaby freshman (not that I found the main character annoying- it was just part of the innocence the writer was trying to prove.) Logan was actually my favorite actor as was the character he played as. Through out the movie, which surprised me, because I was a major Emma Watson fan. The actors acted well and kept me entertained.

A movie as raw as this one kept the tears coming down my face, because it was all true. As a senior now I found this movie to be a good meditation serum. It really helped me reflect on who I was back then and I think that I have matured more than I realized. This movie is good for young adults. It is pretty entertaining for adults too. The message the movie and the book gave me was that, no matter how far off I am from my path I am, I can still get back up. A person shouldn’t worry about what they do or do not know in the big tank if gossiping sharks, they can make it through life with people they love. Because like all of us “we are infinite”