Product Review: Dr. Dre Studio PROS

Dr. Dre releases new headphones called Beats PRO.

Now on display at Best Buy are a string of headphones. Red and white Dr. Dre Beats Solo (HD), Beats Studios, and the newest to it all (for over-the-ear headphones), the Beats Studio PROS.

The Pros are something amazing, definitely outranking the beats of the past, and adding more noise-cancellation and comfort than before. Besides this, but the headphones appear to have fixed the flaws of Beats Studio’s in terms of flimsiness, as they have a harder exterior now. The new Pros come at a price in turn for excellent quality… They’re $100 more than Studios making them $399. Since the price of Solos has yet to go down, there is little hope that the Pros will be slashed in price for holiday discounts. For this price you do get quality sound that will let you hear everything, including bass that didn’t even seem like it existed before.

If the price is too much but you still want the sound quality, there is a solution! While I do love that Dr. Dre’s name is on my headphones, there is a competitor that is quietly overlooked but much better in quality, durability, customer service and price. Now that would be BOSE. For the same price as Beats Studios you get the sound quality of Beats Pros with BOSE. In fact, BOSE was designed to drown out traffic noise and unwanted garble. If you test them out at Best Buy, there is a fan right next to them that makes it sound like an airplane is going on and when you put Bose on, you can’t hear it at all. Of course some might complain that if your friend talks loud enough, you can still hear them, but that’s the beauty of Bose. Unlike Pros which allows in more sound than just spoken word, BOSE is designed to allow you to hear people selectively, and only at low volumes, turn it up and you have a surround sound of beautiful music, and it doesn’t hurt your ears! Bose even comes with a carrying case that includes an accessory pouch (for iPods, mp3s…) airline adapter, and a triple A battery (to keep the headphones from drawing too much power from your iPod).

So… Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are the best for your money and probably always will be.

Sorry Dre fans. But for the price and quality, BOSE always wins.