Column: A Friendship that will last forever


Romeeka proves that some friendships can last forever

Sometimes I wish the stuffed rabbit on my bed could talk. She’d probably know everything about me since she’s in my room all the time. I often wonder how Henna’s voice would sound if she could miraculously speak. It seems weird, but I’ve secretly wished for it since I was a little girl.

Romeeka proves that some friendships can last forever

Henna is more than just a stuffed animal to me. She is a representation of my childhood. My grandmother brought her for me back when I was about eight years old, and she’s been a big part of my life ever since. I love her because I feel like she knows everything about me. I think that if Henna could talk, she’d always know the right thing to say to make me feel better.

Henna symbolizes home. I’ve moved so many times that there aren’t many things that have ever stayed consistent in my life. I’ve had my rabbit for so long that I know that she’ll always be mine. After a long day, there’s no greater feeling than walking into my room and seeing her sitting in that same familiar spot in the center of my bed. It makes me feel like no matter how many times my house changes, Henna will forever be a part of it.

I’ve always had a strange attachment with my bunny and my friends and family know it. It’s just one of those things that is unexplainable but still there. Everyone should have that one special item that comforts them because sometimes turning to actual people for help complicates things. Not one person in this world will ever know exactly how I’m feeling but I can always pretend like Henna does. That’s the beauty of our relationship; I don’t actually have to talk to her, but just pretend like she knows exactly what’s on my mind so I don’t feel alone.

Friends don’t always have to be people. Sometimes it’s just easier to make friends with your stuffed animal.