Free Book Give Away At The Library

Because various books in the library are getting older and are sitting on the shelf taking up needed space for new arrivals, they are now offering older books to students who wish to add them to their personal home library.

Student gathered around the cart containing books for give away Wednesday morning in hopes of taking home their favorite books. Students have until Friday to pick up free books from the library.
“We are taking away books that are either duplicates of the same book, or old books that no once ever reads,” Librarian Blanca Patlan said. “We also are making room for some books that students in our school actually read.”

Students can come by the library before school, during lunch or after school and look through the books to choose what they wish to take home. Patlan said the turn out for students getting books is turning out well with a little help from Library Aids.

“We been having a huge turn out with our aids spreading the word,” Patlan said. “I can’t wait to see how many we have left by the end of the week.”

Students only have until the end of the week to take advantage of this special offer for free books.