Panther football program donates trailer of clothes to Shelter


Approximately 75 players and 17 coaches loaded up one trailer and three trucks this week and delivered what was called the largest clothes donation ever to the Duncanville Crisis Center.

The football team and coaches loaded a trailer and two trucks with clothing donations and took them to the Duncanville Crisis Center. (submitted photo)
“This was a great experience for my team and I. I was ecstatic with the outcome of this project,” junior Tykel Williams said. “It really helped us bond and this is what we need to do to be on the right foot for next year.”

Players and parents in the football program began collecting clothes just before Thanksgiving. All players were ask to bring any piece of clothing from home that was no longer in use.

With football season behind them and a fresh team getting ready to hit the field for Spring football, Offensive Line Coach Paul Westrook said this was a good example of what the coaches are trying to establish in the team for the upcoming years.

“We want to develop our players as a whole person – spirit, mind, and body, and this was a way to help them grow and mature as caring, thoughtful individuals who look out for, and care for, the needs of others,” Westbrook said.

Westbrook said this was not only a great time for players to learn to work as a team but to learn to care for others.

“This was an opportunity for our young men to not only work together as a team and bond as one, but more importantly, it was an opportunity for them to learn to care for others, and to give and help out those in need,” Westbrook said.

Those at the shelter said this was the largest donation ever received at one time. As players began unloading the bags, they began to think of why they were there.

“I thought that this was a wonderful experience for me,” junior Devante Smith said. It really made me stop and think about my life and cherish the small things that I have.”

Head Coach Jeff Dicus said the success of this project says a lot about the group of young men and their parents that are currently part of the program.

“I think this shows that these players and parents understand there is something bigger than themselves and the team unity that this project has formed is just a step in our process of putting this team together for next year,” Dicus said.