PBIS Comittee recognizes students for STAR performance


Out of nearly 4,000 students that attend Duncanville High School, there are always a group of students that do what they are ask to do. They follow all the rules and exemplify what administration considers to be the STARS of the school. They have School Spirit, show Teamwork, have Accountability, are Respectful and show Scholarship. Because of this senior Jocelle Rudico and freshman Nate Bennett were surprised with an XBox 360 and a $50 Gamestop gift card for their actions over the course of the first semester.

Freshman Nate Bennett and senior Jocelle Rodico were selected to receive an XBox 360 for being a STAR at DHS. (submitted photos)
“Nate Bennett, although a freshman, exemplifies the type of DHS students every teacher is proud to have,” cosmetology Teacher Terri Henson said. “He is friendly and respectful to teachers and peers. He is helpful and polite and goes out of his way to make a positive comment each day, I cannot wait to see how he will mature!”

Teacher Parris Reine nominated senior Jocelle Rudico for the award and said she could not think of anyone else who should win.

“She embodies the spirit of a champion!!” Reine said. “She excels academically in all AP courses, she is academically curious and does exceptional work in my course. She represents Duncanville in Varsity Tennis by advancing to state play-offs, has a positive attitude, is an Ambassador and is also helpful and patient with other students.”

Rosalyn Antoine, assistant principal, presented the students with their prizes as well as giving the nominating teacher a $25 gift card to a local restaurant.

“Often students who garner the most attention are the ones who are making poor choices when it comes to their behavior. Being a part of this program gives me a chance to hear about some of the truly terrific students we have at DHS,” Antoine said. “It’s a reminder that the large majority of our students are coming to school to become positive and productive people.

The PBIS committee will recognize two students a month for the rest of the year. Nomination criteria is simply being a DHS STAR. A teacher will nominate a student and their name will be in the drawing.

“I hope that other students are inspired to live up to STARS ideals as a result of seeing their fellow students recognized,” Antoine said.