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2010 yearbook offers personalized pages

2010 yearbook offers personalized pages
This year students can personalize their yearbook by adding four pages of their own. They can ad personal photos from facebook, flikr and many other photo sharing sites to their pages. They can also share pages with their friends. (screen shot)

Innovation, creation, and customization are available for students who participate in buying this year’s Panther Tale yearbook as they will now have the opportunity to ad their own personal pages to their book.

“People have to remember that the yearbook really isn’t for right now. It’s for ten, fifteen, twenty years from now,” yearbook advisor Mary Pulliam said. “When you’re in school you think ‘oh I remember everybody, I remember the scores of that game’ but you don’t remember it, even, really, when the book comes out.”

This year students will be able to keep all of their special memories as the yearbook team  introduces “Personal Pages,” where students can design four pages of their own in the yearbook for just an additional $15.

“Our book is probably the least expensive book, of its size and quality, in the nation,” Pulliam said. “There are schools where it is over $100 each. For $55 you’re not going to find a better price for the size. Even junior high books are approaching that price, and they’re maybe 80 pages, and ours is 300 pages plus.”

Students are now able to add on to that amount of pages by registering at There is no cost for signing up and having fun with the pages, when you order the yearbook, you can order the pages and you still have uintil April 18 to complete them, giving you plenty of time to include those Spring memories as well. Students can also invite friends to add photos to their pages. They also have the option of  placing photos from flikr, facebook and other photo sharing sites on their pages.

“It’s cool that now we’re able to make the yearbook more of our own,” junior Austin Blevins said, “Plus, it makes the yearbook more interesting now that you can say you designed pages in it.”

The website, hosted by Jostens, allows students the option of browsing through pre-made layouts, backgrounds, photo boxes and “stickers” yet there is still an option to personalize everything. Students can even make their own photo a background on a page.

“It’s so awesome that we have the opportunity to put ourselves and friends in the yearbook,” senior Abiel Sifuentes said. “We can customize the pages the way we want to and now we have that chance to put that creation in our yearbook.”

By registering for your personal yearbook pages you can keep your personal memories of family, friends and teachers for many years to come.

“Things change. People move, people change, get new interests, but you will have one tie there, Duncanville High School.” Mrs. Pulliam said, “I had taken tons of pictures with my friends, we had a Polaroid camera, I took tons of pictures of my friends at parties and all kinds of stuff as a kid. I don’t have a clue where any of that stuff is now, but I have my four yearbooks.”

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