The Musical That Ended 2012 With A Bang

The Musical That Ends 2012 With A HIt

For the holiday season, there was a movie that caused me to have my jaw drop. I even found it better than the Hobbit. I couldn’t believe that possibility, because I am actually a complete nerd whenever I talk about J.R.R Tolkien’s Lords of The Rings series. Les MIserables was a good movie to end the year. I honestly never read the book for this movie, so I didn’t know what to expect. So, for readers this is a review that is purely not about comparing and contrasting. I am simply praising Victor Hugo, and the Director for this movie. With their natural and raw singing and story line, I was wildly impressed.

If their was a person that should be crown the most devoted actress for this movie, it should be Anne Hathaway. I have never fallen in love eith a performance like hers. In her solo scene with her song, “I Dream A Dreamed”I cried for the first time in this movie. Such an innocent and sad song that captures the feelings of betrayal was something she should awarded for. Hathaway pulled off Fantine with a grace and voice that I completely lost myself in. She was a suburb singer. I knew the woman could sing, but not like this. Her voice was simply elegant, especially contrasted to Hugh Jackman. He was the main man and I expected him to be great leader, but I never knew that he could sing. His songs were not even auto arranged. And that brings me to a big element to the musical.

The songs in this movie were not pre-audio recorded. Instead they were actually sung live. I was really impressed. I never thought that could be possible. really enjoyed this play’s songs, because they gave more to me than just trying. These actors gave it their all when it came to this play. It was something that I appreciated. Mainly because this proved just how much the actors loved working with this movie. I wasn’t just impressed though with the music and acting. I have to give props to the man who created such a masterpiece. Victor Hugo’s novel may have not come out the way it was written, but things that occurred were accurate. I honestly found the whole plot and meaning to the movie to be entertaining. To be an honest man is hard for many, but that is where the journey comes in. This moved just how far a person would go to make an honest of himself. And I would never forget just how hard these people went to live a happy life.

This was the best movie for the holidays and I have to say I never was a sunny girl when it comes to new Christmas movies. I was more of a girl that would go for the classics, but this movie changed that and was added to my Holiday Season Movie list. I truly believe that Les Miserables will be win many awards for their beautifully created movie. It has a lot to contribute for their glory. This movie is still in theaters, I hope no one misses it.