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Personal Column: It’s Time for a Change

Iyra Sembrano, Staff Writer

Christina Sembrana, Staff Writer
It was Friday, December 14, 2012, and students were excited about going home. It felt like a normal day for most of us. We were looking forward to the weekend and we could not wait for the dismissal bell to ring. The day was disrupted by a gas leak near Sandra Meadows and we though that our lives were in danger…only to realize that a tragic incident  was unfolding in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut.

All the major networks began reporting that 27 dead bodies including the shooter were found in an elementary classroom. I turned on our TV when I got home. As soon as heard the word children, my heart broke into a million pieces. I tried to contain myself, but the tears kept flowing down my cheeks. I was all alone at the house watching the news about one of the largest school massacres in history on television.

Finally, my brother arrived home. He saw me crying and I hugged him so tight as if I never wanted to let him go.  He was dumbfounded aout why I was crying. He asked me, “Ate, what’s going on? Why are you crying?  And how about you let go of me for a second?” I explained to him what was going on and he said he could not believe what was happening. He tried to be strong for me even though I saw his eyes turning red. He gave me another hug and he headed to his room, trying to keep his head down, so I couldn’t see the raindrops on his face.

I thought to myself, it could have been him. It could have been any of his classmates. It could have been any of us.

On that day, the news world was still trying to stitch up the facts. I never changed the channel.  There were 27 dead people including the heartless shooter and 20 of those victims were precious little children most under the age of 10. I saw pictures from the incident. There were mothers who looked like they just lost their own lives, children whose fear was evident by the looks in their eyes. There were stories of  heroes who were looking out for the safety of the children. It was a horrifying event that can not be described with words.

There was nothing but sadness in my heart and rage going on in my mind.

Rage, because I could not imagine how this man can look into the eyes of these innocent children and shoot them with a gun.  I soon found out that he also killed his own mother and she was his real motive.  I wondered why did this 20 year-old man have to kill the person that gave birth to him. What did his mother do for him to resort to violence?

I am angry because those 26 deserved to live. Those 26 had families waiting for them to get home. Those 26 were innocent! I could not fathom why this lunatic had to kill them. I wanted an answer from him but he took his own life as well. If you were going to kill yourself anyways, then why would you include others with your foolish decision?

I was saddened because there were 20 children included in the massacre. They had their future ahead of them, but it was taken away because of one “human.” These 20 children will not be home for Christmas and there will be unwrapped presents waiting under their Christmas trees. It is devastating. These 20 precious souls could have been possible world changers.

There were also six beautiful women who showed nothing but bravery and selflessness during the unfortunate incident. They gave up their own lives, for their students whose stories have just begun. One teacher hid her first graders in closets and cabinets, and told the shooter that they were in the gym. She became a barricade to protect her children. The shooter turned the gun at her, and she lost her life instantaneously. Her students were never harmed. I salute her for that; she is a true hero.

I have lost faith in humanity. I have already admitted to myself that I will never understand some people in this world. There are the psychos that believe the world is ending, so they run wild and take away innocent lives. That is unfair because NOBODY knows when Judgment Day will take place!

My mind is still caged with devastation especially when I learned that these little angels endured more than three bullets, yet there is nothing I can do but pray. A teenager like me cannot voice my opinion about guns to the government; it’s the adults that have to take action. I could write my heart out, but will the administration even take the time to read my story?

It is true that the second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, but that does not mean it entitles you to own all the weapons that you know of.  This is one of my fears of living in America… anybody can obtain a gun, a weapon that is freely available in this country. Anybody can take a person’s life, and that’s messed up. Some say that apparently, “guns are fun.” Do they seriously know what just came out of their mouths? We are mourning the loss of 26 family members!

This is the time to cry, “ENOUGH!” The shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and now at an elementary school taking the lives of 20 young children? Come on, America! When will you realize that this is a turning point in American history? If your reason is because of safety, how about we all not carry guns, so everybody’s safe? No civilian should have a weapon meant for warfare.

Those precious faces were shown on TV, and these kids are beautiful. It breaks my heart…breaks my heart. These children were the rocks of their families, and tears streamed down their faces when they lost something that they cannot replace. It will take some time for the scars to heal, but they will not go away. The holes in their hearts will stay there forever.

To others who complain about another day of school, please stop. Just remember the 20 kids who would love to go to school today.

Rest in Paradise Charlotte, Daniel, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Madeleine, Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Caroline, Jessica, Avielle, Benjamin, Allison, Rachel, Dawn, Anne Marie, Lauren, Mary, and Victoria. Your memory will live forever!

We will never forget them. Twenty of those children are now holding hands together in heaven. Rest In Peace precious little Angels. Heaven is a safer place. You were planted on earth to bloom in heaven.


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    Noemi QuietsonlyJan 29, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I certainly agree with you. Most of us share the same sentiment. I’m glad you voiced it out in a very prolific way. Keep it up, Christina!