Personal Column: Lessons learned from change


Elizabeth Tejada, staff writer

I stared blankly at the moving truck as everything moved around me in slow motion. We were moving, moving away from all our family and to a new place that didn’t have anything in store for us. Of course being an over dramatic child, I thought my life was going to be terrible in this new experience.

Elizabeth Tejada, staff writer
Moving to a new town might seem crazy and scary but I was moving half way across the country to a whole new state.  I was seven years old dealing with my parents’ decision to leave our quaint city of Boston and move to Dallas.

“It’s for the best,” they said

It didn’t feel like it was for the best, it felt like they wanted to ruin our lives. I still remember all the snarky comments we made on the trip here and how guilty my dad felt as we pulled up to our new house. But then something changed in us. Maybe it was the smell of the fresh start atmosphere or the fact we had a huge amazing new home in front of us. All we could do as we got out of the car was just gaze in awe at this beautiful home that was finally ours. It started to clear up for us.

Moving was probably one of the best decisions my parents made at that point. We were young and still had a chance to do something great with our lives and we did. My sisters turned into an A-honor roll student and took up HOSA while I began to get involved in soccer and softball.

Why is it that when parents make an extreme decision that childrens’ reactions are so exaggerated? I would have never thought eight years ago that my life would have been better moving away from my family and from all the memories I had of my home in Boston to a place I hadn’t ever heard of before then. But just like my parents said it was definitely for the best.

If you were to ask any of my family or I if we want to move back to Boston, it would be a big fat no! Dallas grew on us and Texas is my home now. Sometimes the days come when I reminiscence about the memories we had with our family and how I miss them. I have to remember I’ve had better memories here.

Things happen for a reason and I guess this was the reason, giving us a better life. We got an amazing house, new pets and good memories to keep for a while. I wouldn’t change this for the world. I encourage people to take chances and don’t rebel against parents’ decisions because it might turn out great.

Mine did.