Game Review: Minecraft takes gamers back to lego days

The God of this new world!

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The God of this new world!

The God of this new world!

Remember the time when you were a little kid and you just sat there and played with blocks. You would build those giant fortresses, the simple triangle house and the defenses so that the monsters wouldn’t be able to come and destroy your wonderful creations. In a lot of situations there was that time when you needed just one more block to complete your masterpieces. You searched all over the house but a block was no where to be found. Then you leave with that melancholy expression on your face. Knowing that the wonderful masterpiece would stay uncompleted. It’s times like those when one should appreciate the creation of the game, Minecraft.

Minecraft is an unsual game. This game doesn’t implement any real plot to the gaming experience, nor does it have any specific objective that you have to follow. The wonderful thing about it is, the game doesn’t need any of that. In normal games, where you can’t do anything without a tutorial or an opening cut scene that explains everything, you would be lost completely and eventually just stop playing.

But, once again, that is the beauty of Minecraft. It has simple game mechanics that anyone can pick up and learn. The only thing you have to do is build whatever it is to your liking. Build, build and build is all you do in this game. You can build that house you never completed back when you were small. Or maybe that fortress to defend yourself from all the in-game enemies such as the Creepers, Endermen, Skeletons and other out of this world creatures. If you aren’t satisfied with what you have, you can always add on to it. Resources are never a problem so you can go on forever in this game.

Minecraft is dangerous though. Gamers will start off in their newly generated world for a quick session and end up coming out with hours of time invested in the game. It is then when you will realize that you’ve forgotten to eat, sleep and even go to the bathroom. There’s always one more mine to explore, one more resource to harvest, one more tool to forge or one more to-scale replica of the Death Star to recreate block by block.

With the ability to exercise limitless freedom and mold the game’s retro fantasy world to your liking, this game is powerfully addictive. Although some of the elements still feel rough and unfinished, the game will undoubtedly hook you in and never let you go.

No matter what mode you play, one of Minecraft’s biggest draws is the way it encourages players to be creative. The world is constructed like a giant Lego set where to you can destroy, tinker or add to the environment in any way you see fit. At first, planting some soil and placing stone blocks may seem satisfying but when you discover the use of torches, doors, stairways, panes of glass, bookshelves and tons of other house-made items the door to endless possibilities is suddenly wide open.

Creative mode allows gamers unlimited blocks, access to any item in the game and the ability to fly at will. This allows the gamer to play as God for a more relaxed way to build and play. At the other end though, it offers hardcore mode where with only one life to play and the increased difficulty of everything else. It guarantees many moments of screaming and relief all at the same time.

No game is perfect as always and this one is no exception. Gamers can toll away for hours on end and find a mess load of ingredients for their recipes but without a tutorial, the process of figuring out recipes is a completely unintuitive process. Thankfully, the Minecraft community has posted plenty of information online for newcomers. Other than the blind start, Minecraft has plenty to offer and I can guarantee that it’ll hook you. Minecraft is a must buy for anyone with a pc.

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