‘Looper’ places viewers in future with twist on criminal activity


Photo by Alan Markfield


The sci-fi action movie Looper takes place in 2044. The world isn’t too futuristic but it does have some future type settings and objects. A Looper is a job in this time where future criminals are sent back in time from the year 2074 where time travel exist and are killed. This type of death sentenced leaves no trace of that criminal, no evidence.

Its fun to watch Gordon-Levitt walk around cool and confident and it was amusing to watch Willis in sturdy, bald-action-hero middle age, and a kick to see the two Joes size each other up at a diner sit-down. It showed how much they knew about themselves since they are obviously the same person. Most people may not notice it but Gordon-Levitt did a really good job on holding his body and facial features like Bruce Willis.

The looper shows up to the assigned place and waits for the assigned time for the arrival of the criminal. The looper’s job is simple: show up and wait for the criminal and when he shows, blast him without hesitation. The job is simple but there is a big chance they take because a criminal that is sent back could be their future self; talk about hesitation.

They claim that this is called “closing your loop”. In response to killing your future self, your suppose to go party and be happy that you just got rich as if you didn’t just see what’s going to happen to you thirty years from now.

Gordon-Levitt shows up to the right place at the right time to await the criminal, he doesn’t come on time. It turns out to be his future self so he did the one thing they were told not to do, hesitated. This was a interesting change of events in the story because Joe was the type of guy that would get the job done. The future him escapes and later tells that he has to kill the “Rainmaker” before he grows up and kills his wife.

The movie idea was by far a great one and they played it out really well. It turned out to be a good movie especially if you are interested in sci-fi.

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