Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’ offers outstanding tours from Japan to America

Lady Gaga The Born This Way Ball album

Lady Gaga ‘The Born This Way Ball’ album

Lady Gaga 'The Born This Way Ball' album
A superstar visited Dallas Tuesday, Jan. 29. Lady Gaga performed at the American Airlines Center. Currently wrapping up her Born This Way Ball tour, “The Bad Romance” songstress has traveled around the U.S. to promote her most personal album ‘Born This Way’.

With her first stop, Gaga began her tour in Seoul, South Korea on April 27, 2012 and has played all around the eastern hemisphere visiting places she’s never been to. Ending her tour on March 20, 2013, Gaga will have completed seven legs and a total of 119 captivating shows around the world.

Along with her full tour entourage, Gaga has also toured her ‘Born Brave Bus’ which is an event held right before her concerts in the U.S. where she offers free counseling to her fans. Unfortunately, the weather cancelled Dallas’ fans’ experience.


I was fortunate enough to catch a seat on Tuesday. Her stage included a castle with multicolored lights and a diamond runway in front. Lucky fans that waited for doors to open and who wore the most outstanding outfits were able to stand inside that diamond called the ‘Monster Pit’. Lady Gaga’s outfits consisted of meat dresses, black leather, 10-inch stilettos, incredible hairdos and much more.


It was not an ordinary concert. It was more of a holiday in the sense that all her ‘Little Monsters’ were celebrating their individuality and their compassion, which is what this album is about. The performance was truly haunting. No one was sitting down the entire night. The music possessed the crowd and had them dancing and singing along all night. True fans were left speechless and in tears. The show drew a variety of people from all over the DFW area. Fans of all ages attended the experience.

Her vocals were even better than the actual studio recordings. The dancing was amazing and she truly connected with her fans. It was a night that not many will forget. If you weren’t an immense fan of her or her music, the performance could have twisted the mind of even the most stubborn skeptic of Gaga’s talent.


I have been a ‘Little Monster’ ever since I heard her first song at a party. It was the beginning of lifetime adoration for such a powerful woman. She interprets individuality in a way that makes each individual feel cared for. Lady Gaga understands the suffering of teenagers nowadays and is a true believer in equality. She has become a true icon and a personal role model of mine.