AcDec headed to state contest Feb. 22-24


Photo by tions

Senior Cody Stewart is congratulated by Mike Chrietzberg after the AcDec team received medals at the regional contest. (submitted photo)

After placing so high in the regional contest, the academic decathlon team will represent the high school at  state is on Feb. 22- 24. “We surprised ourselves with our results, and is part of this competition.”

Sophmores Ben Homer and Sarah Matzke both placed in the top three out of the other B’s averages in the region. Also Senior Cody Stewart was placed fifth out of the other C’s in the region.   Academic Decathlon Teacher, Sam Gaskill said that the team was ranked 20 out of 40 other schools, won first in Super Quiz and we did well in Social Science, Economics, and also math

“We surprised ourselves with our results, and is part of this competition,” Gaskill said. “We had many individual awards as well.”

There were two sophomores on the team this year who placed in the contest and will be advancing to state.

“I was surprised that I actually got most of the individual awards I received,”  Homer said. “Being a sophomore I still have more years to look forward to.”

Gaskill said there is a lot to look forward to from this team when they go to state.

“We are now getting ready for State,” Gaskill said. “And our focus is to medal in Super Quiz.”

Sarah Matzke said the work to prepare for state will all be worth it.

“I am tired everyday, and last week I was gone for most of the week with a virus,” Matzke said. “But when I got my medal from all my hard work at regionals, this was an achievement that will last in heart forever.”