Easy A is easy to get in to

The PG-13 "Easy A" movie poster set for release September 17.

Filled with classic clichés and cheesy movie allusions, “Easy A” is easy to watch and out in theaters everywhere Sep. 17.

Featuring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes, the movie is a high-class production, one that is unforgettably funny.

Enter the world of high school, separated by cliques, Goths, Athletes. Geeks, and so on. But right off the bat, you’ll see “Easy A’s” fatal flaw… the “Jesus Freaks.” While funny for those who don’t take offense to religious jokes, other might find the group very controversial. The “Jesus Freaks” turn to be a group of hypocrites and rude rumor-starting people, which turns the light of evil onto the Christian scene. While in no way does the movie suggest that their religion is wrong (except maybe one sarcastic comment involving Tom Cruise) it does portray them as people who must change everything and hurt those who don’t listen.

This and the acting of former Disney Star Alyson Michallka, and the lack of a realistic bond between her and Emma Stone’s character, Olive, are probably what hurt the movie the most. But otherwise, it’s pretty fantastic.

Despite what it looks like, “Easy A” is not promoting sex, in fact, just the opposite, which is what makes the storyline interesting. Through an exaggerated lie, Olive is thrown into a tangle of notoriety that hurts her real identity as a virgin. Strangely, Olive seems to like this no-consequence infamy and thus the plot to uncover the truth and become true to herself, arises.

It’s probably the only time you could sit through a movie with so many cliché’s and notbe tired or annoyed. In fact, as a rabid chocoholic, I had forgotten that I had bought any sort of concession; I was so into the movie.

The soundtrack is great, the outfits are great, and the best part has to be the relationship between Olive and her parents, modern and hilarious. The movie is all-around perfect for a good chuckle or seventeen and certainly shouldn’t be slapped into a “Chick Flick” genre. It has appeal for both genders and young adults.

The only warning, once again, is having a thick skin for religious jokes. It’s all in the means of humor and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 paws