Hunter Hayes wins audiences with self produced album

Hunter Hayes wins audiences with self produced album

Musical artist Hunter Hayes’ major-label debut album self-titled “Hunter Hayes” has soared on the country charts. Though it was released in 2011, more recently the catchy songs and powerful vocals featured on the album have won over fans all across the nation.

Hunter Hayes Album Cover

The album was written, performed, produced by Hayes himself. This put a personal spin on the songs and made the album feel genuine to the artist.

Every emotion of every song is easy to relate to.  The heartbreak is felt in the listener’s heart, along with the happiness, thanks to Hayes’ skill of conveying his experiences through lyrics. The words are simple but powerful and leave a lasting effect on listeners.  Specific songs, like “Wanted” and “Cry With You” are especially raw and expose Hayes’ vulnerability.

The word that best describes Hayes’ sound is unique. His vocals reflect talent and skill. His voice is different different than anything else currently on the radio.

Many instruments are integrated in a harmonious way. The album features eight guitars, three pianos, as well as drums, an accordion, an organ, and satire.  The sound is unheard of.  The harmonies create a mixture of tempos in each song and compliment Hayes’ vocals well.


The album’s rarity and strengths make it an instant hit with those who listen. First time listeners fall in love with his vocals, his sound, and his lyrics.

The album is almost perfect, but a perfect album doesn’t only sell a little more than 600,000 copies over a year and a half. There are flaws that subtract from the overall experience and have disabled the work from being as successful as possible.

The album is monotone. Most of the songs are familiar and redundant.  Some of the tracks leave listeners wondering if the album has just been stuck on repeat.

Hayes’ music doesn’t attract fans of other genres. His music is strictly country. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts in that argument. He doesn’t stray from what he knows, there’s no risk taking or experimentation.

But the strengths overpower the weaknesses and create a pretty well developed album, which is a good foundation for all that is to come from Hunter Hayes.  There’s potential, but room to grow. It serves its purpose as a debut album by exposing the diamond in the rough that he is.