Book review: ‘MATCHED’ made in Heaven

Book review: MATCHED made in Heaven
Matched book cover

The book ‘Matched’ reminds me of the book “The Giver.” There is the same type of situation, a Utopian society where everything is chosen for you. The difference between them is that this book is a bit more relatable to the teen crowd considering it’s from the point of view of a teenage girl.

Cassia is the main character and she is matched or more like mated with her best friend Xander, but when another face shows up at the matching ceremony, her world is rocked. The book itself was written very well and the details that were written in the book really help in forming a picture in your mind.

“Matched” is just the first book in a three book long series so there is more to come. The book covers tell a story as well as the book which is cool because it gives you the story line and all makes sense after only reading the first couple of chapters. It is a realistic life style that could possibly happen. A dictating government deciding everything about a persons life sounds like some things going on today. Four stars.