Panther tennis is headed to Waco

The Duncanville tennis team took a trip to Midland, Texas to participate in a tournament against some of the toughest teams in the region. Some of the teams that participated in the tournament included El Paso Fraklin, El Paso Cornado, Amarillo High, Coppell, and many more.

Senior Selena Facundo hits a backhand playing girls doubles against Alvarado

Sophomore Gavin Beach won third place in the tournament after losing to the number two seeded player in the tournament. Senior, Jocelle Rudico won second place in the tournament after losing a hard fought match (7-6, 6-0) to the number one seed Erin Walker from Abilene High. Originally Jocelle won the first set in a tough tiebreaker, but after she looked back at a call that she made during pivotal point in the tiebreaker that would’ve given Erin the set, she changed her call and gave Erin the set. This act of sportsmanship has been recognized all around the region from Midland to Dallas.

Seniors Weston Hill and Cedric Ambulo won consolation (7-5, 6-0) against Midland Lee. The team finished 13thoverall in the team standings which was a good showing. The Panthers are playing in Waco on Friday, trying to gather extra seeding information for the district tournament which is in three weeks at Walnut Creek Country Club. The Waco tournament won’t be as strong as the Midland tournament, but nevertheless a good tournament. Waco Midway, Georgetown, district rivals Midlothian, Abilene Wylie, and Belton are a few of teams going.