‘Spring Breakers’ movie a total dissapointment to teenagers


A must-see movie for all teenage girls, “Spring Breakers” was a perfect catch. With its release on March 22, teenagers rushed to the movie theaters to see their favorite Hollywood actresses come together in one movie—only to realize afterwards that their expectations were not met. “Spring Breakers” unfortunately didn’t leave a lasting mark on everyone. It was just another movie.

The trailer was very deceiving. Everyone thought the cast was phenomenal especially since this will be the first time that teenagers will see their idols take on a different role. Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco comprised the main cast. Selena’s role was very appropriate for her character, yet I was extremely disappointed for her short appearance in the movie. Most teenagers also looked forward to seeing the handsome James Franco, yet they ended up seeing a drug dealer with dreads and silver teeth, which is definitely unattractive.

The “R” rating just suits the movie. The movie was shot in the beautiful state of Florida where the typical stereotype will only see swimsuits and skin all over the place. The movie was exceedingly vulgar. I, myself, was disgusted with some of the scenes. Selena, Rachel, Vanessa, and Ashley did not really wear proper clothes at all. Although they looked “cute” at the beginning with their swimsuits and sneakers on, the viewers wanted to see more variety in terms of fashion knowing that these girls dress well.

Overall, the movie was just repetitive and confusing. There was no plot in the story. It was just about four college girls wanting to go someplace else for their spring break, yet they didn’t have the money. Therefore, they decided to rob a fast food place, and see where they will go from there. The drug dealer, “Alien”, then comes to the rescue, and lets them live lavish lives. They get into more trouble. The ending? Well, it was unrealistic. Brit and Candy ended up killing a whole bunch of people with guns. It was empty.

This movie was a disappointment to all teenagers. James Franco ended up like a rhyming machine, but he was definitely the highlight of the movie. There was no moral lesson to it. We tried looking for it, but it just left us hanging. It was empty. Although we can’t deny the fact that the scenes we’ve watched in the movie are definitely happening in today’s society, I think our generation still has hope.
Spring Breakers was indeed a beautiful disaster.