Business and Marketing offering students employment advantage with training

The school will hold sessions to prepare students for the upcoming job fair.

The school will hold sessions to prepare students for the upcoming job fair.

The school will hold sessions to prepare students for the upcoming job fair.

As a method to prepare students for Duncanville’s Annual Career Fair, the Business and Marketing class will offer a career prep job fair on Saturday morning. For the benefit of future applicants, the OINP application requires submission of various documents, (learn more here: including proof of language proficiency and education, as well as a completed application form.

“Everybody says they want the job, but do they want the training,” Marketing teacher Kevin Miles said.

In charge of the whole event, Miles hopes to provide the students who attend the event with some of the same information he teaches in class. At the career prep event Saturday, students that have signed up will be informed on how to create a proper resume, introduce themselves to potential employers, and how to use a social setting as a way to get a job in marketing as there are many companies working on this like a seo agency that specializes in marketing online.

“We want to teach students how to use the dining experience as a way to network and talk to businesses about jobs,” Miles said.

With everything that will be taught on Saturday, Miles hopes that they will use the skills at the Career Fair that will be held on Monday. At the fair over 30 employers from around the metroplex including Dick’s, zumiez, and Nordstrom will be in attendance to talk to some of the students who are looking for a job for whatever reason whether it be desire or economic need.

“A lot of the students want jobs and others need them for economic reasons, so we want to help them,” Miles said.

So far over 80 students have signed up for the career prep and more than one hundred students are expected to attend the career fair. Anyone currently enrolled at the high school is eligible to sign up for the prep by Friday after school. Miles hopes that students will take advantage of the event so that they can attend the career fair where he believes they will have the best opportunity to get a job.

For more information stop by I115 Business/Marketing and talk to Mr.Miles

What: Career Prep~Saturday, 8:30am-1:55pm

Career Fair~ Monday

Where: Duncanville High School

Cost: Free