Personal Column: Stop the bullying


Azia Stanton,Staff Writer

Azia Stanton,Staff Writer
A while ago I went to pick up my younger sister from middle school and I saw a young boy sitting alone outside about five minutes before the school bell was to ring to release the children. I wondered to myself why he wasn’t inside, he had an I.D. badge on to go to the school, yet he was outside. He looked sad. I suddenly saw a young girl about the age of 16 or 17 walk up to him and greet him. I assumed she was his older sister also coming to pick her brother up, then I saw her hug him and ask why he wanted to leave school early. He immediately burst into tears.

I heard part of their conversation. He said kids in his classes are mean to him; they pick on him and laugh at him. He said he couldn’t make any friends. It broke my heart as I watched this scene. She wiped his tears away and said something to him that was inaudible. They hugged for a bit longer as he let tears stream down then they started to walk home together.

It is terrible that the kids today are so cruel for their own amusement. These children are so hurtful that they make children not want to get the most important thing– their education. They no longer want to attend school because the bullying has gotten so bad. There are too many days that I walk down the halls of my school witnessing all the bullying going around, and in a school of four thousand, at least one person should stop and help. However, that is not always the case, usually the person being bullied is left in the ocean alone with his shark terrorizing him.

In the hallway at the high school I have seen someone being picked on, called a name, pushed around or made fun of. I just shrugged it off as not being “my problem.” In reality is is my problem. This is a huge problem in our society that we allow to go on everyday right before our eyes.

At school, kids dread having to attend school because they know they have their bully waiting on them to make their lives miserable. It is our duty as citizens to stop it if we see this action going on. If your little brother or sister was the one being bullied you would do something to stop it. If it was your precious son or daughter, the light of your world, complaining to you that they don’t want to go to school today because kids pick on them, you would not stand for that. We must realize all of these kids have parents and siblings that are hurting because their child is being bullied. The student has a bad day at school everyday because of the immature kids who like to laugh and pick on them. These people feel the same way you would. Put yourself in their shoes.

Everyone plays a part in helping the bullies be successful in their line of work. Teachers and administrators don’t take enough disciplinary action when they witness bullying. Students contribute by just walking by the problem, standing there watching and especially when they laugh with the bully. Students never notify an adult or make the bully leave the kid alone. Bullying needs to be stopped.

Most of these wrong-doers are the way they are now because it is possible they were bullied when they were younger. No one stopped the torment when they were growing up, so they gained the same behavior along the way. If people were to be proactive, the number of these troubled cases could significantly decrease. It is a chain effect that needs to and can be put into motion.

School tormentors usually prey on the weaker and more timid students. It shatters my soul when I witness bullies pick on special needs children. When I see that I immediately speak up. This bullying hits very close to home for me because I have a cousin who is special needs, and he is sweet as can be. He had bullies. I couldn’t comprehend how someone could be so malicious towards someone so innocent and helpless.

The media is doing their job by showing commercials and shows where kids help other kids out of the bullying situation. I admit it; I am a wrongdoer of my own criticism. I don’t stop bullies every single time I see it occurring, and that is wrong on my part, but if more of us did our part and stopped all the bullying going on everyday under our noses we could all make a difference. Lets make the world a better place!