Club Fresh participates in “Close the Gap in Pantries and Stomachs” program

Club Fresh participates in Close the Gap in Pantries and Stomachs program

Members of Club Fresh took a field trip to the North Texas food bank to help stuff food boxes for needy families. The students packed 180 boxes with 2,500 lbs. of food that will provide 1,953 meals for needy families during the holidays. (Abigail Padgett photo)

Fifty-five teenagers, 110 hands preparing to help and two passionate leaders stood ready Dec. 3 to pack food boxes in an effort to feed the nearly 150 million hungry people who depend on the North Texas Food Bank for meals during the holidays.

“Today is not about you,” club fresh sponsor Kimberly Baker said. “Be an example, and feel good about what you’re doing today.”

Baker continued her speech buy telling the students what she expected from the day at the food bank.

“I want to be proud of you for your efforts today,” Baker said. “I want to be able to say look what we did for our community.”

Club Fresh, a club exclusively for freshman, took a field trip toe the North Texas food bank in an effort to help with the “Close the Gap in Pantries and Stomachs” program. Students that are members of the club this year are excited about what is in store for their group.

“Being in Club Fresh is exciting, you don’t know where it’s going to take you next,” club fresh president Justice Stocktin said. “But you know it’s going to be worth it.”

Students were given a break while they were at the food bank. Students such as Yesenia Mijares however bypassed their break.

“I’m not stopping until the job’s done,” Mijares said. “I’m not ready for a break.”

Even though Club Fresh was packing the boxes, workers at the food bank stood by for extra help. While working with the students they shared their own stories with them.

“I like to see these teenagers getting involved and learning about what life is like on the outside,” food bank worker Kalon Sowels said. “I am glad they are seeing that real life is tough and there are people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.”

Club Fresh was not the only volunteers on hand to pack the boxes, but worked with volunteers from the US Bank and Wells Fargo as well. All three groups came together to box food, and dance to the music playing in the background.

“Seeing these teenagers starting early and being this passionate about helping people in need is life changing,” Wells Fargo employee Melissa said.

Students like Taylor Whitlow gave back to the community today, doing their part as a citizen and individuals.

“It feels really good to give to people in need. It is like I’ve accomplished something,” Whitlow said. “It is like I’ve done my part.”

Instead of going to the food bank to get community service hours Club Fresh went just to be a helping hand.

“It feels great just to help people in need, not because I have to, but because I want to,” said Mijares.

Club Fresh sponsor Chris Hill said that one of the purposes for the visit was to help students understand that there are a lot of people less fortunate than they are.

“I’m glad we were able to do our part to bring some hapiness to local families,” Hill said. “I think that a lot of kids understand now that hunger is a year round problem. It was really a joy to see the studetns all working together for something that is bigger than we are.”