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Q&A: Ambassadors make getting donations as easy as pie in the face



Senior Kris Vasquez smashes a pie in the face of ambassador Carolina Falcon during lunch after donating $5 to Sharing Love Counts. (Josaphine Xayyaraj photo)

“1, 2, 3!” the cafeteria full of students shout as an Ambassador gets a pie shoved in their face. Recently, the Ambassador group, led by teacher Coach Duff, is raising money for the charity “Sharing Love Counts.” I recently sat down and spoke with two of the girls, which got pied  Wednesday, senior Carolina Falcon and junior, Avery Moore and here is their take on getting taking a pie in the face in front of the whole cafeteria.


Q: Why have the Ambassadors been getting pied?

A: Well, if you give us a donation of $5 or more we get pied.  So it’s basically like you are paying us to get a pie shoved in our face.


Q: What is Sharing Love Counts and why have you all been asking for donations?

A: Sharing Love Counts is a charity that tries and receives as many donations as they can get by Christmas time to give gifts for the children and families who are less fortunate.


Q: What is your money goal for each lunch?

A: Our goal is $15 dollars


Q: How many people usually go around per lunch?

A: During each lunch, about 3 or 4 people go around asking for donations.


Q: How much money have you all obtained already?

A: We have already reached 200 dollars.


Q: So, why are you in Ambassadors?

A: I [Avery] really want to show my passion for helping people as well as strive to reach our goals to make peoples’ day better.


So find a fellow Ambassador and get in your donation.

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