Varsity volleyball proves itself with a win against Midlothian

Panthers are currently in 4th place in district. (Photo by: Leenolia Robinson)

This past game on Tuesday, the varsity volleyball team proved that they can turn things around this year. The second round of district has just begun, and the team is determined to improve their rank for playoffs.

The Duncanville panthers played the Midlothian panthers last night. The first set was a very close 23-25 resulting in a Duncanville loss of match. However in the second set, Duncanville kept up to win with a score of 25-15.  In the third set, Duncanville was again defeated with a score of 19-25. With the game in Midlothian’s favor, the girls wanted to show what they were capable of.  With this motivation, the fourth set was a very close one as every fan was on the edge of their seats, and the girls succeeded with 25-20.  The opponent could not believe what was happening, and the panthers took over the fifth set with a winning score of 15-10.

“I swear, I love this feeling,” senior Victoria Hicks said. “It makes me feel some type of way.”

It is rebuilding year, and they took the taste of victory out of the hands of Midlothian. Varsity showed Midlothian who the real panthers are. It felt like it has been years of not achieving this goal, and they finally did.
The fact that these girls are being underestimated cannot be avoided because of what happened during their last season with only winning 2 out of 14 games, but they have already put that behind their backs.
“We’ve got work to do during district,” senior Imani Ramirez said. “We are a family, not a bunch of individuals.”
With their win against Midlothian, the girls showed that they can do their jobs and are ready to redeem themselves.
“They can get work done,” Coach Amber Hughes said.
This is only the beginning of what they have now. They fought their hearts and minds out, and they are willing to do that in every game. They will continue to work as a group towards that common vision even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.
“We have to stay humble and hungry,” Hicks said.
Come support the panthers this week at 7:30 in Sandra Meadows Memorial Arena on Friday against Mansfield.