Floral design students prepare for homecoming by making custom mums


Floral Design classes make mums for homecoming week. (Sean Kirby photo)

Floral Design classes make mums for homecoming week. (Sean Kirby photo)

It’s homecoming week. Everyone’s so busy trying to look for homecoming outfits, and some are even stressing out about finding a homecoming date. Students exchange pictures of the homecoming mums they have made over the weekend, and their excitement cannot be contained anymore for homecoming day. Meanwhile in Ms. Axelson’s classroom is flooded with red, blue and white ribbons. The sound of clicking staplers ring out as students in her floral design classes  create a custom mum of their own.

“I want my students to learn how to arrange projects for clients,” Axelson said. “And this gives them an opportunity to do this.”
Some students make mums to represent themselves and show their school spirit. While others are experimenting with the project.
“I’ve never made a mum before so this is something new for me,” junior James Givens said. “For me, mums are very creative, spontaneous, and fun.”
While students may be making a mum to actually wear on homecoming night, others make mums to serve as keepsakes when they move on to a new chapter of their lives.
“Well, I’m a junior now and I want to remember stuff during my junior year by making my own mum,” junior Crystal Mendez said.

The class will be making mums up until homecoming and for some students in the class they will actually showcase their product on homecoming day as they wear their mum.

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