Vote for your homecoming nominees through Friday


If you would like to vote for the person you want to represent your class or your organization you may still do so by going online at  You use your “ID number” for user name and your “last name” for password.  You may only vote one time. Below is a look at the nominees.


Homecoming Queen Nominees: Jamelle Brown, Bailey Newton, Daric Cottingham(King), Kimberly Aguirre, Taylor Jarrett, Brooke Boston.
Junior Nominees: Donna Artis, Candace Lockhart, Regan Preston and Cynthia Yanez
Sophomore Princess nominees: Megan Foster, Karla Estrada
Freshman Princess nominees: Anna Baysy, Samantha Beaty, Carina Villareal
Band Nominees: Clarice Magistrado, Katy Wallace, Jazmin Yuen
Choir Nominees: Jasmine Gullett, Deja Jones, Amy Varenkamp
Football nominees: Jamelle Brown, Khandice Donalson, Brittany Swapsy.
Sparkler King and Queen: Jacquarious Lilly and Brianna Durham