Personal Column: Be considerate of others and stop the bullying

Stop the bullying

Stop the bullying

Stop the bullying

The other day, I was walking around the Grapevine Mall. I was talking with a couple of friends when something caught my eye. I turned around behind me and saw a blind teenager walking around. I wasn’t really shocked by this at first. She had her cane and some friends walking and talking with her, it seemed like just another normal trip to the mall with some friends. Yet, what happened next was truly horrendous.

Behind her group of friends, there were two guys running and horsing around. No one minded them at first, as they weren’t really bothering anyone. However, that changed when one of them started running towards the girl and her friends. Without realizing it, one of the guys knocked her over, causing her to fall down. The other friend, noticing that she fell, started laughing and ran towards his friend, ignoring the fallen girl completely.

Luckily, that girl had her friends with her, which helped her recover and get back up. But, what really confounds me is how those two people just ignored her completely even though they were in the wrong. I went and checked if she was okay and then she told me with a smile, “I’m okay, this isn’t the first time it has happened. I’m used to it now.”

That just shattered my heart. Imagine being pushed around and bullied so much that you get so used to it happening to you. It made me think about how bad our society is. Have we really gone off so far, that things like kindness and being nice are considered a thing of the past? If so, I recommend that we change.

It may not happen to us personally, we may not know anyone who suffers through it, but bullying does exist. It’s so bad that it’s one of the main leading causes for suicide, which is the third leading cause for teenage death.  This means it’s not something you can ignore. Ignoring it a just makes it even worse. If we keep ignoring something like that,  it’ll grow non-stop until it reaches the point of not being able to stop it.

So, for those who read this, I ask of you to try and increase the awareness. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who do not know of the bullying that happens in this world. And if we start fighting now, then we might still be able to stop it. As long as there is someone who cares, there is still hope that bullying will cease to exist. And all we have to do is try.