Public Service Announcement: pay attention to PSAs


Now I don’t have kids (at least, not that I know of). But this little public service announcement had me daw’ing all over it. It’s a simple reminder for parents that, although it may be hard to say no whenever your child is so excited for the latest Call of Duty or whatever it is that they’re clutching in their hands, and even if you want them to be happy, it is important to check the ESRB rating and to use parental controls.

It’s a simple and cute PSA aimed to explain to parents how the rating board works and how it is designed to help parents make important decisions about the games that their kid’s play.

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) began distributing the PSA across multiple stations today and will also share the video on video game consoles, websites, online stores, and more.

 But basically, check the ESRB Rating on every game. It helps parents, and it helps kids. And, frankly, it helps those who make the games we enjoy, whether they’re rated E, T, or M.

You can watch the PSA for yourself here.