An album that doesn’t bite back, Ke$ha releases Cannibal

Ke$ha releases new album 'Cannibal'

Tik-Tok was a national hit, selling 5 million downloads alone as of July 2010. Ke$ha, overnight, became a superstar and guest starred on a few late night shows. Before getting started with her album “Animal” Ke$ha cowrote songs such as The Veronica’s “This Love” and was a background singer for Britney Spears, and Flo Rida, although not credited for the latter single of “Right Round.” Surprisingly, Ke$ha was even working on songs for Miley Cyrus’s EP The Time of Our lives.
So it isn’t any surprise that Ke$ha’s second album, Cannibal tops all of these accomplishments and is sure to have several number one hit singles coming from it.

The first one, of course, is “We R Who We R” with a simple catchy beat and inspirational message that gets listeners pumping, it was a good preview into the album, but certainly not the song that makes the album.

The title track, “Cannibal” is a great song definition of the album. Ke$ha’s pop raps are part of what makes her album so popular, not only that but the music is fresh and the trance fully alive. “Cannibal” is much different than the lead song on her album, “Animal,” “Tik-Tok.” In fact, the album in general has taken a twist that will put Ke$ha ahead of the dance genre, especially as her vocal talents have increased.

The album relies on purely Ke$ha’s vocals and the electronic beat. The music itself can be described as hypnotic and comparable to Cascada, and Daft Punk. “Blow” especially is the perfect pop-techno crossover song, as the repeating lyrics and the jagged start and stop added in the chorus adds to the mood of the theme. Of course, it has Ke$ha’s signature all over it with words like “glitter” being thrown in. This, however, does not make it cheaply made.

And while almost every track on the album is something for the dance floor and late parties, “The Harold Song” does not come close to the record hit, “Your Love Is My Drug,” one of Ke$ha’s first ballad-like love songs. While “The Harold Song” is slower paced than “Your Love is My Drug” it is clearly shown that Ke$ha’s song writing and singing has grown far beyond her beginnings. Rythmic, Ke$ha’s tune sounds like a lullaby that can be gently swayed to and yet still clapped to underneath a disco ball. It’s an unusual mix, but greatly appreciated. The chorus, especially is relatable to all that listen. Although it features a common theme, love and heartbreak, it recreates a song told a million times in a way that creates a personalized video in your head. Needless to say, “The Harold Song” is sure to top “Love Story” by Taylor Swift by a milestone.

Ke$ha is surely becoming a more developed and featured artist. While most believe that Ke$ha is all about partying and drunk men (not helped by her last album) this one comes with a variety of inspiration, “Animal” which is a bonus remix track, “We R Who We R,” and “Crazy Beautiful Life” are just a few that allow the listener to hear something other than what is stereotypically spread across radio stations.

“Cannibal” is a must have album before Christmas as it’s beats will keep you warm and bubbly all winter long.

I give this album 4/5 panther paws.