High school honors veterans that now serve as faculty and staff

High school honors veterans that now serve as faculty and staff

As part of Veterans day activities, faculty and staff from the high school that served in the Armed Forces were served lunch today provided by Subway and The Cake Guys.

“Paying homage to those who fought for our country was an honor today,” English II teacher Margaret Thomas, who organized the event, said. “It was a blessing to stand in the same room as those individuals.”

Freshman Connections teacher Kimberly Baker, who served as second Lieutenant in the aviation unit of the Army, said she followed in the footsteps of two uncles and her father who served before her.

“I am extremely patriotic and considered it my patriotic duty to serve the country that has provided me with so many freedoms,” Baker said.

Baker said the Subway lunch was much appreciated.

“Today was a special surprise,” Baker said. “No one served their country for the accolades, but it was nice to be remembered by our staff and the wonderful owner of our Subway.”

Thomas said Chad Fitzgerald from the Cake Guys provided cupcakes and Allen Conley from Subway donated sandwiches for the teachers.

“That is one of the great things about our school and our community,” Thomas said. “They desire to honor any individuals that contribute to the City of Champions. You can’t get any better than that.”

Thomas said she honored the veterans because it was the right thing to do.

“It was essential to acknowledge that they fought for the United States of America and did it proudly,” Thomas said. “The men who work at Duncanville High School are significant in so many ways, but today we are proud to say they served in the Armed Forces and they work at our great school.”