Kanye v. Taylor the ultimate VMA failure

Kanye West (left) jumps on stage at the 2009 Video Music Awards and prevents Taylor Swift (right) from saying her acceptance speech.

The 2010 VMA’s were the biggest disappointment of the year. But the world wanted to know, was Kanye going to let someone finish and say that Beyonce had the best video of all time? Would it be Kesha? Would it be Lady GaGa? Or would it be a stupid repeat of last year?

When it was announced that Taylor Swift was to be performing, the VMA’s audience held their breath.

And shortly after Taylor opened her mouth and sang, we prayed for Kanye to interrupt her again.

It must’ve been an intense amount of pity last year when Taylor sang with former Fleetwood Mac member, Stevie Nicks, because her performance was…well, who can remember? Everyone was asleep.

Over the course of a year Taylor Swift went from being America’s Sweetheart to yesterday’s news. It seems as if all of her songs sound the same, and after a few good hits, there’s nothing left to listen to from her. At the end of her song, she stood on the stage with a distant look on her face, as if she owned the world. It only made it that much more terrible.

But the worst part about her VMA performance, was the badly planned attack against Kanye. The only props that can go to Taylor is her ability to strum a guitar and look pretty. If she was trying to make a comeback against Kanye, she failed miserably.

Perhaps the VMA’s were hoping for another spicy drunken drama from Kanye when they invited him back this year to perform, but instead they got crap. Kanye’s song was horrible, the worst ending to a show ever. If there was some sort of meaning behind it….it wasn’t obvious. He walked up on stage, started pushing random buttons, kept pushing random buttons, made a song that sounded like a third grader wrote and started to talk or rap or something.

Since Kanye  insulted Taylor, I figured he would have at least tried to out do her performance. What a mistake it was to think that would happen.

Kanye and Taylor are obviously over. Who’s going to be next in drama central VMA Hollywood? Guess you’ll have to wait until next year!

Their performance was a negative 4 out of 5 panther paws.