Hunger Strike Doesn’t Resolve Immigration Issue

President Obama and the First Lady visit the protesters.

President Obama and the First Lady visit the protesters.

Rudy Lopez sits outside drinking water. He hasn’t eaten anything for almost two weeks; he just drinks water. Nineteen others surround him and do the same thing. While the rest of America is stuffing themselves with a Thanksgiving feast, these individuals are starving.

These twenty activists are trying to bring attention to the issue with illegal immigrants in the United States. They seek to convince Speaker of the House John Boehner to vote on the immigration reform bill. They want illegal immigrants to be accepted in America, and be given equal opportunities.

“We’re more hungry for movement on such an important piece of legislation and something that’s going to change the lives of so many,” Lopez said.

This past Thursday, President Obama and the First Lady went to visit Lopez and the other strikers. He gave a speech expressing his support for the reform bill. The President assured everyone to remain optimistic, as the issue will get resolved, hopefully, soon. Vice President Joe Biden and various White House officials have visited Lopez and his crew as well.

John Boehner still hasn’t made a statement yet, but it’s only a matter of time before he does. The fasting strike has caught attention of many lately and it seems to be working.
This story can inspire many to stand up for what they believe in. Starving oneself is a little extreme, but other things can be done to get ones point across. In a country with so many rights, people tend to let go of things easily. Instead of refusing to do something they don’t agree with, they just go with the crowd. Even if Rudy Lopez and the other activists don’t succeed, they will still be looked up to as inspirational figures to many because of their persistence and dedication.