The Great Gatsby offers movie goers romance centered around mystery


Great Gatsby offers movie goers play on old story line. (Warner Bros photo)

Great Gatsby offers  movie goers play on old story line. (Warner Bros photo)
Great Gatsby offers movie goers romantic mystery. (Warner Bros photo)

How you go from having everything you could possibly dream of to virtually nothing in a matter of months was always a mystery to me– until the movie “The Great Gatsby” was released. It is a romance centered around mystery. It begins with a guy named Nick Carraway, who is a character in the movie and also the narrator of this motion picture. Nick Carraway is a young man who moves from Minnesota to West Egg, New York to learn about the bond business. Ironically, he moves next door to a mysterious man named James Gatz, later known as Jay Gatsby, who throws extravagant parties every Saturday night, for which the reason shall be revealed if you watch this. After Nick has settled in his home, he goes across the river to his cousin, Daisy Buchanan’s house, who lives with her cheating husband, Tom Buchanan.

Daisy is a strong girl but she does have days where she is a little depressed and sad which make her do things that she otherwise would not have done. One of which, is that she is accused of being married to the wrong person. One of the characters believes that he should be in Tom’s spot and Daisy’s last name should not be Buchanan. However, Daisy is a materialistic girl, she wanted a rich husband, so while her previous lover was out called away to fight in the army, she met another man, he was richer, and showered Daisy with gifts.

Her loneliness compelled her to fall for this man, and she realized a on her wedding day that she did not want to be married to Tom, but to her mystery guy. Her mystery guy wrote daisy a letter that she received on the day of her wedding that he was due to be home in a couple of days. Daisy was tempted to leave the wedding, but her mother refused to let this happen. She said that the decision had been made and now she will marry Tom. While Daisy had to face her consequences, and move on with her life without the person whom she so deeply desired, her mystery guy never gave up hope. He loved Daisy and went to great lengths to try and win her back, he started with subtle hints then eventually moved straight in for the kill. However, Daisy is a very child like woman, she isn’t sure what she wants. She only does things to better herself.

Jordan Baker was a pro golfer, she was a tall, slender, beautiful, black haired goddess. She was Daisy’s best friend and soon she was Nick Carraway’s lover. Jordan informed Nick that Tom’s mistress lived in the East Egg, which was the lower part of the city, she lived in the Valley of Ashes. Not long after receiving this bit of information, Nick travels with Tom to the city to East egg, to have a party with Tom’s mistress and a couple of friends. This party was quite vulgar I might add, and while he was there, he was in the same house as Tom while cheated on his wife Daisy, with his mistress Myrtle. While it is no secret that Tom cheats on Daisy, Daisy is aware and she still stays.

All these characters each have their own personal flaws, Tom’s being he is a cheater, Jordan’s being that she cheated in her games of golf, Nick’s problem ironically, was that he was forced to keep everyone’s secrets which were causing all the problems, and Daisy’s problem was she was a very indecisive, materialistic girl. However, these are all minor problems to build the story up, the main problem was Gatsby who had somehow mysteriously became rich by going to unknown great lengths and pursuing the person he is in love with. Gatsby is a hopeless man who is in love. He goes to great lengths to get the love to his life back. He breaks laws, befriends people to get closer to his lover, is engaged in an affair with her eventually, and takes the blame for his care free lover hitting and killing a woman while she was driving. Gatsby would have done anything for this young lady, she is the reason for his perseverance to become rich. Gatsby was happy for a moment, but blind to the fact that his once lover, could no longer love him the way she used to, yet and still he did everything to please her. He couldn’t quite come to terms with how you can look at the person you are so madly and deeply on love with, and tell yourself that it is time to move on. In the end, everything backfires on him.

You would expect this movie to be the perfect love story, however when you have a man head over heels in love put together with a careless girl who admires herself for being a pretty little fool, nothing good can come out of it. You would expect the traditional happy ending where they all live happily ever after and make a cute little family. This movie is different. It has deception, romance, comedy, drama, thrills and chills. However, the writer of this movie put the order backwards, movies usually goes from happiness, to sadness, then back to happiness. This movie is the complete opposite, leaving you hanging at the end with a tear jerking scene of sadness wondering how he had to come to an untimely misfortune. This movie is a must see. It is unpredictable and all over just an entertaining movie on how love is more likely to happen in real life instead of the same happy ending that we can all guess of.