Interact Club encourages students to be “Homeless for a Night”

Students will experience some of the hardships of a homeless person during “Homeless for a Night”.

Interact Club will be hosting its “Homeless for a Night” event to raise awareness and donations for those in need Friday Jan. 31.

“Homeless for a Night is an event where students will be spending seven hours outside and they will somewhat experience what it feels like to be homeless,” Interact Club President Daisy Ramirez said.

After attending a student council retreat hosted by Keller High School, Ramirez and Interact Club Secretary, Kris Vasquez, got the idea when they saw advertisements for a similar event. Drawing inspiration from a photograph included in the advertisement, the students brought the concept back with them and decided to turn it into an experience and fundraiserĀ  for students to participate in.

“It gives you the experience of being outside, without electricity or a cell phone, and you get to experience what it’s like,” Vasquez said. “You can only take a blanket.”

All of the new or gently used blankets will then be collected by Interact once the event is over so that they can be donated to the local homeless shelter, The Bridge. Ramirez said she called a few shelters around the area and that The Bridge was the only place that accepts gently used blankets, so that’s where they will be donating the blankets and money.

“Students will be helping a good cause and are going to be with their friends for seven hours,” Ramirez said. “There are plenty of reasons why students should participate.”

With a school of over four thousand, the club is hoping for at least 50 students to participate. However, even if 30 students participate, they’ll be happy and already haveĀ  tennis courts reserved along with a few activities planned for throughout the night. The club is ready for the event and believe that it’s a great event for all students.

“Students will get to learn the hardships of what it is to be homeless, and why they should do the most with their education while they have the opportunity to do so at Duncanville High School. It’s a great opportunity,” Vasquez said.

**To sign up, students can go to Dr. or Mr. Strunc’s classrooms through the 31st and pay $2, which will be donated with the blankets.