Duncanville Varsity soccer boys bumped up to first place in district


Varsity soccer teams will face Grand Prairie again tonight hoping for another win for both teams (Karla Estrada photo).

Duncanville Varsity boys bumped up to first place in their district (Jasmine Roblero photo).
Duncanville Varsity boys bumped up to first place in their district (Jasmine Roblero photo).

This past Tuesday both of the varsity soccer teams traveled to South Grand Prairie and played in another district game. The varsity girls lost 1-0 and the still undefeated boys won 2-0.

The varsity girls needed this win to stay put in playoff position, but it was a hard loss against SGP who took over the fourth place spot. It was a tied game 0-0 for the first half. Throughout most of the second half it was a back and forth game. Ten minutes left in the game, the warriors got a shot off and scored. The panthers lose this game, but will have to come back on Friday for a playoff spot.

The varsity boys however, are still undefeated in district play beating the warriors 2-0. The first goal was in the first half, it was scored by sophomore Tim Ugo. The game was left 1-0 going into halftime. The second goal was scored in the second half by Junior Josh Erwin. It was a tough battle throughout the game with yellow cards being pulled out and fights being stopped, but the panthers pulled it together for another district win.

The varsity boys are also ranked number 30 in the nation. They jumped up nine spots, and it is said to be the biggest jump in a long time.

Both the varsity boys and girls play a home game against Mansfield Timerview. The girls play at 6:00 P.M. for the last time and the boys will follow after to play at 8:00 P.M. also for the last time. Friday is the last game of the first half of the district season. The boys and girls times will switch after Friday.